Лечение Муцинозной кисты яичника с высоким CA125 онкомаркером и двустороннего сальпингита классической гомеопатией.

Муцинозная цистаденома – это доброкачественная кистозная опухоль, выстланная муцинозным эпителием и  обычно многокамерная. Это разновидность кистозной аденомы (цистаденомы). Внутри киста заполнена гелеобразным содержимым откуда происходит ее название (от лат mucus -слизь).  Доброкачественные муцинозные цистаденомы составляют 80% муцинозных опухолей яичников. Муцинозные Read More

Successful Treatment of CIN1 (LSIL) – CIN2 (HSIL) and HPV 18 case using Homeopathy

Cervical cancer continues to be a major public health issue, affecting many middle-aged women. 10 years ago, cervical cancer was ranked as the third most common cancer among women worldwide. Today, it remains the most common cancer in women in Read More

Infertility case with big uterine fibroid

I have a cute baby girl now- thanks to Dr. Olga’s help! I was pregnant twice before and in both times I ended up with miscarriages in the early stage. Doctors said it was because I had a big subserosal Read More

Case: Big ovarian follicular cyst and endometrioma.

                      Ovarian cysts  and homeopathic treatment Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs in an ovary or on it surface. Many women have ovarian cysts at some time. Majority of ovarian cysts causing Read More

Case chronic tonsillitis

I recently had an interesting case of an 8 year old boy suffering from severe tonsillitis, recurrent throat infections, follicular tonsillitis and fevers up to 40.5C that last for over 2 weeks. Boy also experienced chilliness and fatigues. Symptoms preceded Read More

Case of left lobe thyroid cyst

          Before homeopathic treatment                                                   After homeopathic treatment Olga HabchiDr. Olga Habchi, specialist Read More

Patient with Guillain-Barre syndrom

  Guillian-Barre Syndrome Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) causes progressive muscle weakness and paralysis , due to loss of myelin ( insulaing substance which is wrapped around nerves in the body, serving to speed conduction  of nerve impulses).without myelin , nerve conduction Read More