About Homeopathy

The doctor will have a long, detailed consultation with the patient and many questions will be asked not only about symptoms but also about general well-being, the patient’s food desires and aversions as well as tolerance of cold and heat.
Possible causation factors will also be considered along with history of childhood diseases, vaccination status, and operations.
Homeopathic consultation is a dual job of doctor and patient.
Then, the doctor will summarize all the received answers and convert them into rubrics. Finally, she will repertorize the rubrics and choose one homeopathic remedy, which will suit the patient’s condition at that particular moment.

1. What can be treated by homeopathy?
A variety of acute & chronic diseases in adults and children.
2. Does homeopathy have side effects?
No, homeopathy is safe even for newborn babies & pregnant women.
3. How does homeopathy work?
The chosen remedy activates the patient’s own defense mechanism & cures the disease.
4. Is it easy to find the suitable remedy for treatment?
No, it is a very individualized process. The homeopath have to know a lot about patient to make a complete picture of the diseased organism.
5. Does homeopathy treat only one disease in the patient?
No, homeopathy treats the man with disease, not the disease in man.
In many cases, after courses of homeopathic treatment, the patient may get rid of not only his present complaints, but also his old disturbances & symptoms.