I had a patient with recurrent  sigmoid polyps.

First time she was diagnosed with polyps in 2016, April

It was finding  at colonoscopy , which she underwent for the routine checkup.

She has family history of colon cancer-her grandmother died from it.

Polyp was removed and sent to the lab.

Histopathology result was shown benign polyp.

Second time 2 small polyps were detected in sigmoid on colonoscopy in December 2019. Both of them were removed and sent to lab.

Histopathology was also performed and showed benign polyps.

First homeopathic consultation was on February 2020

Pt has history of recurrent sigmoid polyps, hemorrhoids( twice were  removed by rubber ligation), anal fissure.

Patient said that she has fear of cancer, constipation. Sometimes pain and bleeding from anus, after hard stool.

She has feeling that life is meaningless.

Her feet are sweating and smelling.

She is chilly.

Fighting with husband about AC, she can’t tolerate cold drafts.

She loves  salty snacks.


Nitric acid 200 C was prescribed for 1 month in diluted form.

Second consultation was in July 2020

After Nitric acid  mood was much better, more positive. On vacation she had two episodes of anal bleeding. Both of them were after extreme physical exertion in hot weather.

She is not so chili like before, but still doesn’t like drafts.

She doesn’t have constipation like before treatment, but sometimes, when first stool is hard, then soft it can cause hemorrhage from anus. She has some abdominal bloating. Her craving  for sweets now more.


Lycopodium 200 CH was prescribed in diluted form for 20 days .

Third consultation was in September 2020

Patient didn’t have rectal bleeding.

Her stool is regular.

Fissure is not bothering her .

Fear of cancer is less now , but still planning to do colonoscopy in December 2020

But there are the new symptoms -the tea  is causing constipation, so she is avoiding it.

Urination is forked. She has brittle nails.

And she has a recurrent dreams of falling down, which waking her up.


Thuja 200CH was prescribed for 3 weeks in diluted form .  

                Results of colonoscopy on 09/12/2020


Normal colon.

No polyps are detected.

Small hemorrhoids

Advised next colonoscopy in 10 years.

So finally, the patient doesn’t have colorectal polyps.

She is very happy now,  her mental, emotional and physical health is much better. Fear of cancer significantly reduced.

Homeopathy can eradicate predisposition to overgrowth in human body.

Then necessity for operation will be reduced and possibility for transformation polyp to cancer will be minimized.

               Homeopathy is individualized treatment with holistic approach.