is an inflammation in stomach and duodenum lining.

Gastritis  can be acute,

if happen suddenly and disappears soon,


chronic, if developed gradually and last more than 6 month.


Helicobacter pylori, stress, NSAIDs, smoking, alcohol, autoimmune diseases, reflux.

      Complications of gastritis

Stomach ulcers



Pernicious anemia: autoimmune gastritis     may affect absorption of Vitamin B12


Dysplasia ( intestinal dysplasia is precancerous condition)

Stomach cancer

The allopathic treatment is a complex of

-Antibiotics for eliminating H pylori

-PPI drugs -proton pump inhibitors, which used to block acid production and to promote healing of stomach cells

-Acid reducing medications



I had one patient in  17 January 2020 with chronic gastritis, lasting for many years. She had acidity, stomach pain, burping, and bloating. All anxieties were affecting her ill stomach.

     Medical history in December 2019:

H Pylori was positive.

She was advised to take triple therapy, but no relief was achieved, and stubborn H Pylori was still positive. Then her doctor decided to perform a gastroscopy in December 2019 and some changes showed up.

Hiatus Hernia.

Antral Gastritis with multiple small nodules,

Duodenal Erosion.

The biopsy demonstrated Chronic Active Gastritis with intestinal METAPLASIA;

moderate H. Pylori was noticed.

The patient had chosen  to receive homeopathic treatment.





Nux vomica 200CH was prescribed in diluted form for 20 days.

Second consultation was on 15 March 2020

Pt said that pain in stomach is slightly reduced.But bloating, fullness, burping are still bothering her . The gaseous colon is pushing her lungs up, causing great discomfort. Mostly after row fruits and vegetables. Still she has stomach pain 1.5 -2 hours after food some times, especially  after drinking coffee, which she can not abandon.


Carbo vegetabilis 200CH was prescribed in diluted form for 20 days .

Third consultation was done on 14 June 2020

Pt is still have bloating from  fruits and vegetables, especially from cabbage. She is warm now , not chilly like before.Thirst is increased. She  is uncover feet during the sleep.

She is irritable and criticizing people.


Sulphur 200 CH was prescribed in diluted form for 30 days.

The patient call me next day.

She said after first spoon of Sulphur she started feeling and hearing peristaltic in her abdomen. And movement of flatus was correct now, downward, not like before, causing her burping.

She started feeling better finally.

10 days after she called me and said she got some rashes on her legs, which are itchy. Sulphur stoped for 4 days .Then rash and itching had disappeared.

In December 2020 her Doctor decided to repeat gastroscopy, to compare with last year findings, which were no so great and dangerous in December 2019

The  following are the results:

Hernia – absent (she had it for the last 15 years)

• Chronic Active Gastritis – Mild

Duodenum – normal (it was previously with erosions)

• H Pylori – absent

Metaplasia – ABSENT.

It took almost one year to cure her.

During the treatment she experienced some skin rashes (we homeopaths call it exteriorization), as well as sinusitis – her old symptoms reappeared. Both of these symptoms are proving that the treatment is going towards the correct way. Her stomach pains gradually disappeared. Burping, bloating, and acidity became less frequent until they completely vanished. She is now able to eat all foods as normal! She no longer has to cut out foods that previously caused her indigestion like onion, wine, cabbage, bell pepper and a majority of vegetables.

Patient is symptom-free and happy, thanks to homeopathy – a natural, safe, and side effect-free treatment that targets the root cause of the problem and heals the issue holistically and wholly, once and for all. If you suffer from any of these illnesses mentioned above, contact me for a homeopathic consultation and heal your body from chronic diseases.