Dr. Olga presents a case where homeopathy was used to treat HPV and ASCUS quickly and effectively.


Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of viruses that are extremely common worldwide. There are more than 100 types of HPV. Although the majority of HPV infections clear up on their own and most precancerous lesions resolve spontaneously, there is a risk for all women that HPV infection may become chronic and precancerous lesions progress to invasive cancer. This happens with specific types of HPV 16 and 18. If untreated, these  lessons may progress to cervical cancer.

Two HPV types (16 and 18) cause 70% of cervical cancer. Vaccines for those types available, but these will not help existing infections.

When patients show ASCUS (Atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance) on Pap smear test and presence of HPV 16 or 18, there is a strong probability that the virus which  causes cell changes in the cervix could eventually lead to cervical cancer if untreated.

As there is no cure for HPV, doctors can only make observations of the cervix by colposcopy, repeated PAP smears every six months, but the presence of dangerous viruses 16 or 18 can continue its damaging effect on cervix. The patient typically develops great anxiety about health, fear of cancer, fear of death.


First Gynae Consultation

On September 28 2016 a 40 year old patient came to me complaining about sad mood, feeling unwanted and abandoned by her family, sleeplessness and vulvar wart 1 cm diameter.

All symptoms started two months back. She trusted her parents to take care of and rent her apartment and she was shocked to know how soon her parents gifted her apartment to her sister, saying “you have a rich husband, you don’t need the apartment”.

She is a heavy smoker at two packs per day for 20 years. Soft, friendly woman, married for 15 years, loves her husband, who is 30 year older than her. She feels jealous, always needs affection from him. Consolation and open air ameliorate her. She is emotional and cries when talking about her parents. Her feet are always hot, so she leaves them uncovered while sleeping, she craves lots of affection and hugs. At same time she is selfish, getting more love than giving it.

She complained of vulvar wart black color, flat diameter 1 cm. Cervix was clear, no erosion or any lessons.

Pap smear showed ASCUS and recommendation for HPV. HPV was the high risk one, type 16. (See figures below)

Second Gynae Consultation

Patient came back on December 10th to recheck PAP smear. It was ASCUS again.

First Homeopathic Consultation

First homeopathic consultation was on January 4th, 2016. All symptoms were unchanged from September, so i repertorized.

1. Repertorization

2. Choosing the Remedy

Based on my findings, I chose Pulsatilla at 200CH potency, 3 pills, diluted in water for three weeks.

Patient was instructed to update me weekly and to not suppress or take any medication for any rashes or discharges.

First Follow-up (after three months)

Patient arrived in a good mood, said she feels less emotional, eats better but still smoking two packs a day. Issues with parents persists but she chose to accept the situation and live her life.

Her wart disappeared completely. PAP smear showed ASCUS again, but HPV test came back negative. (See figure below)

Second Follow-up (seven months after first follow-up)

Patient arrived in a good mood, with a much better outlook on the situation with her parents and husband. HPV tests were still negative and for the first time, her PAP smear was also clear. (See figures below)

In conclusion, a carefully selected homeopathic remedy for patients with HPV with or without precancerous changes of cervix appears to be greatly effective at eradicating the infection in a short amount of time.