I am very thankful for Dr. Olga because she treated my son from enuresis (bed wetting), the fear of dark, and being alone in a room..

Nocturnal enuresis is not a dangerous disease, it’s an inconvenience.

Even when we wake him up at night to take him to the toilet,  he still urinates one or two times, and then we need to change his bedsheets. As a consequence, he has low self-esteem and we have interrupted sleep, and a lot of washing and drying, which means more physical job for me, a working mother.

Additionally, my son has a tremendous fear of being alone in the dark. So, when me and my husband are working, the children are alone at home. When he wants to go to toilet, his elder sister has to take him, because he is afraid if any of his siblings will switch the light off while he is in the bathroom. Sometimes when he fights with his sister, in revenge she refuses to accompany him in the toilet.  In this case he will urinate in bottle, but will not use the toilet.

Now, after homeopathic treatment, he is going to the bathroom by himself, although keeping the door open. Another great achievement is  that he stopped urinating in his bed. Now he will wake up  and go to the toilet alone.