Testimonial 4

Our son is 4 years old. He is very restless and has difficulty concentrating and gets distracted easily as a student in school. We have gotten a call from school almost every day with complaints about his mischievous behavior. For example, when the teacher distributes assignment papers, he picks up all the papers back from the students when the teacher is not looking. He goes under the table quite often, interrupts the lesson with some disruptive comments etc. At the same time he is a fairly clever boy, but with a short sparse of concentration, being unable to sit and study for long time. Additionally, our concern was that he is very short, the shortest in all his grade and most probably in the younger grade.

We consulted Dr. Olga because some of our fiends had recommended her to us.  They informed us that she had also worked as a school doctor in  Dubai women college high school , the elite school of Dubai for 4 years, and that she has 3 children so she knows how to deal with kids (not from books). They also informed us that she had finished 3 homeopathic academies, English, Russian and famous one, Greek. But that it is better not to ask her about this because she will keep talking all consultation about a legend, a man who is “the greatest homeopath on Earth,”  she worships Prof. George Vithoulkas.

Although they told us that homeopathic consultation is quite a strange consultation, but still we were surprised .When you go to a pediatrician, they can give a child some medicine for ADS, or some relaxing syrups, or send them to an occupation therapist. In homeopathic interview it is totally different.

We told her our complaints, then she started to ask us questions. And sometimes not pleasant ones, to tell you the truth!

She prescribed a remedy for our son.

After 1 week, his voice became hoarse, his old complain. We asked Dr. Olga “Can we use a spray of local antibiotic?” She replied, “No, it will go by itself “. It did. Later, he got an aphthae in the mouth, the symptom he had before. We called Dr. Olga and asked “Can we apply cream for aphthae?” “Nothing to apply, nothing to take orally,” she said firmly. ’It will go by itself in few days.” How can she be sure?

But she was right. All those old symptoms went away.

Later on our son became more concentrated in his studies, he wold close the door of the toilet to our happiness. And after 6 months we noticed that his pants became short in him. We realized that he grew up.  And we have stopped receiving calls from school! HURRAH!

Thank you Dr. Olga!    

Lebanese- American family.