I have a cute baby girl now- thanks to Dr. Olga’s help!

I was pregnant twice before and in both times I ended up with miscarriages in the early stage. Doctors said it was because I had a big subserosal fibroid of 7 cm. When it happened first time, my doctor assured me not to worry, next time everything will be good. After 6 months, I got pregnant again and the same thing happened. I was devastated! I am already 36 years old with a history of 2 miscarriages instead of 2 children. The doctors said that my fibroid had to be removed before my next pregnancy. 

Fortunately, my friend recommended me to see Dr. Olga, as someone with the same problem as me was helped by her.

It was homeopathic consultation, a long deep talk, then she prescribed me medicine. I got pregnant after 2 months, was very afraid at 6-8 weeks, when I usually  had a miscarriage. But, everything went smooth and, on time, I delivered my lovely, precious baby girl with caesarean section, at the same time, removing my enlarged fibroid(11cm) that I had during pregnancy.